Growth hormone and testosterone release stimulators (secretagogues) greatly improve your ability to gain muscle strength and decrease overuse injury

Bodybuilders have their regime. Their bodies a work of art, systematically enforcing a perfect symmetry of mind and body. Pushing with further intensity each time, the exercise is regimented. Sets. Reps. Pause. Targeting each muscle group, weight lifting and specific exercise machines assist in building muscle. Weights and intensity of training must increase as the mission continues with each set, rep and pause. Regularity, appropriate supplementation, continually pushing toward the goal of increasing muscle mass, definition and strength.

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As we age, our growth hormone (somatopause) and testosterone (andropause in men) levels decline. While both increase briefly after exercise, they can be further elevated by substances that stimulate their release from the anterior pituitary and testes/ovaries/adrenals, respectively.

Growth hormone has the additional benefit of stimulating connective tissue growth around the muscle (fascia, ligaments, tendons). This improves the connective tissue’s recovery and repair after high intensity training, and decreases the risk of overuse injury (tenosynovitis, tendinosis).

Growth Hormone (GH) exhibits its muscle building effects mainly after its conversion to IGF-1 (Insulin-Like-Growth Factor). This makes IGF-1 an ideal choice of peptides for muscle building, especially since the IGF-1 LR3 version has an extended half-life which allows it to remain active in the muscles for many hours to complete its muscle building stimulatory effects. Likewise, if injected after a workout, the IGF-1 variant Mechano Growth Factor (also known as MGF or IGF-1e) is known to multiply muscle cells and contribute to muscle development.

For Growth Hormone (GH) to perform its anabolic (muscle building) affects it requires the presence of the body’s most anabolic hormone: insulin. This is in contrast to GH related fat loss which requires insulin to be absent. However, since GHRP and fast-acting GHRH (Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone) products (i.e. Modified GRF 1-29) still need time to stimulate the body to release GH from the pituitary gland, the insulin spike must come after the injection and not before, otherwise the GH release will be blunted.

The only exception to this is of course CJC-1295 DAC since it’s long-half life and continual release of GH means it is not affected by food timing. To get the most out of your peptide usage for muscle building, the following guidelines should be followed:
If injecting just a GHRP or GHRH product on their own, avoid eating/drinking anything high in fat for 3 hours before your injection and anything high in carbohydrates for 2 hours before (i.e. always do your injection on an empty stomach), otherwise the amount of GH release they cause may be significantly blunted leading to poor results.

Peptides For Muscle Building – Muscle Peptides Australia Review

Whether injecting GH peptides alone or along with others, always wait at least 20 minutes after your injection before consuming anything. Once at least 20 minutes has passed, consume a food/beverage high in protein and/or carbohydrates to stimulate an insulin spike (if you inject in the morning and around your workout, this meal/shake should be high protein and high carbohydrates, if you inject at night this consumption should be protein only as protein is sufficient enough to spike insulin, but without the negative impact on fat gain which carbohydrates can contribute to).

Muscle Peptides Australia Review

GHRP-6 10mg: Great product noticed results fast
GHRP-2 – 20mg: I have a huge appetite and my problem was the fat gains I was getting and was worried about losing muscle mass while trying to loss fat. However with this peptide, I maintain my muscle and fat melted away. For those who are struggling with their appetite! Recommend ghrp-6 which will bring the hungry beast within you out!!!
GHRP-2 – 20mg: I have a huge appetite and this peptide is exactly what I was after. For those who are struggling with their appetite ghrp-6 is the way to go.
I’m 50 and have been using CJC-1295+Ipamorelin Combo for almost 1 year now. Yes with 2 rest periods. Very very happy with the results. Skin is smoother / softer to touch reduced bags under my eyes, my wife loves the new feel. I train 5 days a week and the increase in muscle volume and tone is very noticeable. I will say however it is a slow steady natural looking increase. Recovery is great and I think it is helping with injury repair, as i have a problem Knee that is feeling alot better ever since I’ve been on this product. As you can see the cost is high but if there were no outstanding results my wife would say I was a Di#*head, but she is encouraging me to continue. Train hard, eat well and look better. Use CJC-1295+Ipamorelin Combo. I do
Ipamorelin 10mg: I have used this product a few times now and i must say each time i am impressed!
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