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Our goal in Buy Peptides Australia is to provide our customers with an array of treatments for their health concerns.

Most of the symptoms that you experience are the result of the natural process of ageing that happens in your body with the decrease in the levels of growth hormone. Contrary to what the general public believes that all the peptide supplements are being administered through injection, many of the products that we offer are readily available for purchased in alternative means of dosing. Peptides can be administered effectively with the use of Troche Lozenges, Oral Strips and Transdermal Creams. From mood elevation and anxiety, to fat loss, sexual dysfunction, anti ageing, and muscle building, Buy Peptides Australia has the perfect solution that you need.

Andropause Treatment

Andropause is a type of hormonal deficiency in which the decrease in the male hormones goes lower than what is normal for ageing men. This is usually called male menopause or simply menopause. Usually, when a man reaches his 30s, it is the time when they start to lose testosterone. It is said that the rate at which a man can lose testosterone is about 2% every year.

Their testosterone levels is what makes men built strong with stamina and virility. Testosterone proves to be beneficial to men who want to build protein as this can also help in strengthening bones and supporting the functions of the liver.

Andropause initially starts with a condition known as hypogonadotropic hypogonadism.

Once the body senses that the testosterone circulation has decreased, the pituitary gland and hypothalamus will trigger the release of the hormones to increase testosterone production. Unfortunately, ageing can hinder this process. Even if the body tries to augment the increase of testosterone, the testosterone, gonadotropic releasing hormone and the luteinizing hormone becomes lower than the normal levels, with andropause lagging closely behind.

Good thing that there are now testosterone supplements that are available in the form of injections, patches and topical gels. There are also cases wherein the patients have reported a better susceptibility of heart attacks and strokes while supplementing the body with testosterone.

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