GHRP-6 (also called pralmorelin) is a man-made growth hormone secretagogue made of six amino acids. It has a short half life with peak concentrations occurring around 15 minutes and not longer than 60 minutes after administration and it is a potent stimulator of growth hormone release.

GHRP-6 is known for its potent effects on appetite stimulation, making it very popular for bodybuilding and those looking to bulk up through increased caloric intake.

Appetite Stimulation
Fat loss
Increased lean muscle mass
Increased strength
Improved skin tone
Better sleep
Increased energy levels
Stronger bones and connective tissues

Best Combined With: CJC-1295. When GHRP-6 is combined with CJC-1295, their effects on Growth Hormone secretion become 10 times (1000%) more potent than when either one is used alone.

Diet Restrictions

Pre-application: Avoid any caloric intake for 2 hours before administration as Growth Hormone secretion is blunted by the presence of carbohydrates and fat.
Post-application: Postpone the consumption of any calories for at least 20-30 mins after administration. GHRP-6 takes between 5-30 mins to adhere to its full effect on Growth Hormone stimulation.

Diet Recommendations

Bulking: Since insulin is required for anabolism (muscle building), a high-protein / high-carbohydrate diet is recommended to compliment your GHRP-6.
Cutting: Growth Hormone is most effective for fat loss when insulin is not present. A high protein, low carbohydrate and moderate fat diet is recommended for those looking to shed fat.

Side Effects for GHRP-6

  • Instantaneous increase in hunger
  • Mild facial flushing
  • Possible side-effects in relation to GH overdose:
  • pins and needles in your hands or feet
  • pain in your joints, especially hands and feet
  • swelling, especially in your hands and feet
  • signs of increased blood glucose i.e. blurry vision, unquenchable thirst, frequent urination, excessive fatigue