Get Summer Ready, Safely

If only there was a way to tan without burning, scorching or damaging your skin with harmful UV rays… Well, good news, there is! The Melanocyte tanning Peptide OR Melanotan 2 is a stimulating hormone that can help your skin cells create more Melanin, leading to darker skin.

Maintain a healthy tan through winter, and save your skin.

Why Melanotan 2?

Having a sound bronzed body makes a great many people feel attractive and all the more engaging. Not exclusively does a tan increment the certainty of the individual with the tan, yet it is additionally more alluring to others.

This being stated, there is a scarcely discernible difference between what is viewed as sound and what is definitely not. Unnecessary sun introduction after some time can bring about photograph maturing of the skin with expanded wrinkles and imperfections, with diminished flexibility and dampness. Sun tanning resistance is something that shifts between people.

It is vigorously affected by their hereditary qualities. Reasonable cleaned individuals are cautioned not to subject themselves to as much UV beams as other people who have an olive appearance.

The darker appearance has more melanin in the skin. Melanin is the colour which makes the appearance darker and shields the skin from sun harm. Melanin increments with sun introduction to give the sun tanned impact.

Skin Cancer is not kidding and the melanoma subtype can spread far from the skin rapidly and progress toward becoming life debilitating. Because the word Skin prefixes the word Cancer, doesn’t infer any less threat. The regular improvement of a sun tan by means of sun presentation protects against future skin harm from the sun, yet it entails some photo ageing after some time.

Melanotan 2 was produced at the University of Arizona to give a protected “sun” tan without sun introduction. Securing our skin ought to be a need to every one of us, and what superior to supplement with a peptide item that offers both a solid shine and insurance from the sun’s harm.

Melanotan 2 invigorates the skin to deliver pigmentation which gives a defensive component against the harm that is brought on by UV beams.

Melanotan 2 has been found to have Spanish fly impacts, expanding the client’s charisma and genital blockage, which additionally advances a satisfying closeness with your accomplice.

Melanotan 2 additionally has a mellow yet positive fat-preparing impact. Despite the fact that it is pointless to pick up sun presentation with Melanotan II, sun introduction will bring about faster pigmentation while utilizing this peptide. The subsequent tan will give some assurance from creating skin growths.


The Melanocortins are a gathering of peptides (short chains of amino acids) that incorporate ACTH, beta endorphins, alpha-melanocyte empowering hormone (alpha-MSH), beta-MSH and gamma-MSH.

They are altogether separated from a substantial antecedent peptide called master opiomelanocortin (POMC). The three melanocyte empowering hormones (altogether called MSH or intermedins) are a class of peptide hormones delivered in the middle of the road projection of the pituitary organ, instantly underneath the cerebrum.

They empower colour cells (melanocytes) in the skin and hair to deliver and discharge melanin, prompting darker skin and hair. Alpha-MSH is the most copious MSH, and the most dynamic for skin pigmentation. MSH likewise has consequences for the mind bringing about diminished hunger and expanded sexual excitement.

MSH levels decay with age.

Man-made analogs of alpha-melanocyte fortifying hormone have been made for human utilize. Melanotan I (afamelanotide) is a man-made simple of alpha-MSH. It is a direct 13 amino corrosive peptide made at the Arizona Cancer Center at the University of Arizona to bring about skin tanning as an assurance against skin malignancy (Dorr et al 2000, Ugwu et al).

It was endorsed on May 5, 2010 by the Italian Medicines Agency as a pharmaceutical to prompt defensive skin pigmentation in the sickness erythropoietic protoporphyria. Melanotan II is another simple of alpha-MSH.

It is a roundabout, abbreviated form of Melanotan I, additionally made at the Arizona Cancer Center (Dorr et al 1996, 2004). It is 1,000 times more powerful than alpha-MSH.

This hormone likewise gives a helpful tan to bring down the danger of skin disease (Lan et al 1994, Abdel-Malek et al 2006). There is confirmation that it additionally diminishes nourishment admission and muscle to fat quotients mass (Choi et al 2003). Like Melanotan I, it is directed by infusion into the fat underneath the skin. It is an intense stimulant of sexual excitement in man and ladies.

While Melanotan II was created in the 1980’s, its use in the all-inclusive community is generally new, with the most punctual reports going back to 2003. It’s impractical to know for certain the long haul reactions of any item until it has been utilized by numerous people for a drawn out stretch of time. In any case, reports and itemized logs from individuals utilizing the item reliably for as far back as 5-6 years demonstrate that there are no recorded negative long haul reactions of Melanotan II use.

An inquiry of thousands of clients by means of websites, online discussions and social locales uncovered that the general reaction to Melanotan II was that it is sheltered.

No genuine negative outcomes have been accounted for by clients. Reactions included expanded charisma for men and ladies, more beneficial erections for men particularly in the mornings and clitoral incitement for ladies for the duration of the day. Some have revealed discernible fat copying properties and a more profound and quickened tan as well as less danger of getting sunburn. (Langan et al 2010).

Melanotan II Side Effects

Infrequent symptoms incorporate flushing of the face, mellow queasiness, loss of hunger, extending, yawning.

These symptoms generally keep going for two or three hours after the infusion and typically just happen after the initial couple of infusions, after which they don’t happen again unless a long break is taken.

To lessen the event of symptoms it is suggested to take your measurements just before going to rest around evening time and ideally having eaten 1-2 hours before (i.e. not on a void stomach). In the event that you are touchy you could likewise take a hostile to histamine two hours before the infusion.

Melanotan II can build the haziness of moles and spots. This blurs once the pharmaceutical is stopped. Redheads deliver a characteristic variation of melanin (pheomelanin) that is yellowish-red. They will accomplish an alternate shade of tan. A tan created utilizing Melanotan II endures longer than a conventional tan.

A dull tan accomplished amid a shoreline occasion will blur over a month if there is no further sun presentation. In the case of utilizing Melanotan II, and proceeding with sun presentation, the tan can be kept up.

Advantages of Melanotan II:

  • Simple of the peptide hormone alpha-melanocyte empowering hormone (a-MSH)
  • Melanotan II assumes a part in empowering melanogenesis (tanning) giving defensive instrument against UV Rays
  • Melanocytes increment generation and discharge of hormone melanin
  • Constructive outcome on drive because of its Spanish fly properties
  • Mellow positive fat-assembling impact
  • Safe tanning