Sarms – Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators

SARMs – An effective means for stimulating muscle and bone growth as you age.

SARMs Australia“SARM” is a selective androgen receptor modulator, and there are many of them.

There are those that inhibit the androgen receptor so that it doesn’t do its job as well on the nucleus of the cell.

There are those that accentuate the effect of the androgen receptor, multiplying the effect. SARMS are “selective” because they work in some cells better than in others.

Different SARMs work in different cells in the body.

The SARMs we are interested in for health and longevity and performance are the SARMs that accentuate the effect of testosterone in muscle and bone, but that don’t work in hair and skin and prostate cells throughout the body.

The objective is that you don’t experience the side effects typical of testosterone supplementation., rather you just get the benefits.

What is an androgen receptor and how does it work with testosterone?

An androgen receptor is a protein in the cells of your body that testosterone binds to.

When testosterone binds to an androgen receptor molecule, together they move into the nucleus of the cell and they turn on genes in that cell that then tell the cell to do different things.

Dependent on what part of the body that cell is, it will do different things.

• Muscle cells produce contractile proteins = increase in muscle size, strength and mitochondrial proteins will increase energy supply to the cell.
• Bone cells promote bone growth.
• Hair cells on the body will promote hair growth.
• A sebaceous gland in the skin will boost oil production.
• Prostate cells will promote prostate growth and prostate health.

So the androgen receptor with the testosterone bound to it has effects throughout the body, and it’s important to maintain these effects throughout your life for optimal health and longevity.

SARMS Injection


The SARMs that we have the ability to provide you upon approval are in an injectable form. (SARMs S-22.)
We sell two forms: SARMs S-22 and the SARMs S-22 –forte.

The Ostarine forte is 50% stronger concentration of the SARMs forte, but it’s in an oil base, and the SARMs 22 is in a fluid base.

The liquid base is quite irritating, so while the fluid base requires a thinner diameter to inject, it is a very irritating fluid, and it stings for a few minutes afterwards.

It doesn’t do any damage; it just irritates the nerves, and you feel a slight pain, but there is no damage done, and it’s still giving you the SARMs effect.

The SARMs Forte, on the other hand, doesn’t have that pain as a side effect; it just needs a larger needle to inject the thicker oil base through.So the SARMs forte binds to the androgen receptor and probably binds to the androgen sensitive genes in the cells of the body.


The Benefits of SARMS Forte (Ostarine)


The SARMS Forte (Ostarine Forte) the S-22, particularly the muscle and bone, and it accentuates the testosterone effects in those tissues.

It’s safe to use in men and women, and it’s used in research done on people with catabolic diseases.
It is used on people with severe burns that require assistance in their tissue repair and growth, and its used for performance and image enhancing purposes.

There are similar molecules called SERMs- selective oestrogen receptor modulators that are used throughout medicine, particularly for stimulating bone cell growth because oestrogen is very good at stimulating bone growth for people who are osteopenic.
SARMS cream

At Peptide Clinics we now provide SARMs as a cream.

It’s a small enough molecule that it’s absorbed through the skin, but as with all creams, not everybody absorbs them well. 10% – 20% of people don’t absorb the creams well, but 80% – 90% do, so that’s another method of absorption if you do not want to inject. One must understand however that when you apply anything to the skin, some of it will get wiped off on clothes or washed off. Not all of it is going to get absorbed. If you use an injection to bypass that skin barrier, then it’s 100% bio-available to the tissues of your body.
SARMs are an effective way for stimulating muscle and bone growth and for maintaining muscle mass and avoiding sarcopenia as you grow older. This helps you avoid osteopenia and osteoporosis as you grow older and loss of bone strength.


Sarms s22 (Forte)


This new and improved compound of Sarms s22 has been upgraded to 3000mcg/mL (33% stronger). Furthermore, the new ingredients yield a completely painless injection unlike its predecessor, which can cause quite an uncomfortable sting following administration.

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Fat loss, Increase Lean Muscle Mass, Increase Bone Density, Protects Liver, Restores Testosterone Levels
Molecular Weight:389.33 
Molecular Formula: C19H14F3N3O36

What is Sarms S22?

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) provide an alternative to using anabolic – androgenic steroids such as testosterone.

Providing the anabolic benefits typical of steroids such as testosterone (including increased muscle mass, fat loss, and bone density), SARMS 22 minimises the unwanted androgenic side effects that coincide with steroid use such as aromatisation to estradiol, and conversion to di-hydro-testosterone (DHT).

By acting on / stimulating the androgen receptor, SARMs can provide a qualitative similar therapeutic outcome to androgen therapy without any increase in androgen levels. SARMs exert many of the same positive effects on muscle tissue as anabolic steroids like testosterone and can be administered in an injectable dosage form as well as orally. SARMs are also not as liver toxic as most oral steroids.

The anabolic effect has been measured to be virtually the same as testosterone. Bone mineral density is another benefit of using SARMs, where it has been shown to produce dose-dependent increases in bone mineral density and mechanical strength.

It is proposed that SARM’s S22 is 3 times stronger and more effective than the strongest Testosterone-like steroid.

Sarms S22 has been highly recommended as being an ideal peptide for andropause and should be used by all men once they hit 50 to restore testosterone levels.

Benefits of Sarms S22:

SARMS S22 provides the benefits of traditional anabolic /androgenic steroids such as Testosterone

> Increased lean muscle mass
> Increased fat loss
> Increased bone density

Less side effects experienced than high dose steroids, including prostate and cardiovascular outcomes
Not as liver toxic, unlike most oral steroids
Anabolic effect noted to be similar to testosterone

Optional / Highly Recommended Blood Testing for SARMS S22:

Though it is not mandatory in getting a script fulfilled with Peptide Clinics Australia, the testing suggested for anyone interested in buying SARMS S22 is available optionally.

Being vigilant in your health goals, it is really in your best interest to draw the focus away from the ultimate visual gain you seek and take a moment to consider what is going on inside your body.

Taking this step you will be able to identify and control more readily your success.
The tests suggested for SARMS S22 are:
PSA Free and Total Testosterone


SARMS s22 Forte Cream 50mg : Just started using SARMS and results so far so good. Will use for another 2 months. Ordering process is straight forward


SARMS s22 (Ostarine) Forte – 60mg : Managed to reach at a peak of 91kgs once igf finished and start last bottle of Sarms osterin dieted down to 85.5kgs which I currently stand. Now time to go back up. Only side effect was traces of hair loss though nothing of concern more than enough regrowth.


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